The hotel's new restaurant
Joy in Villard de lans

Awarded for quality with a Michelin fork since 2012, in the Gault and Millaud guide since 2017, by 3 Logis de France casseroles since 2011 and the title of Master Restaurateur in 2013.

A character room
with Finnish mass stove.

In a particularly pleasant setting combining contemporary furniture and wood warmth, Joy restaurant and its Chef, Sylvain Dessaules, make you rediscover the traditional flavours of Vercors cuisine, a refined blend of modernity and authenticity.



June 20 to September 27, 2020. Service every evening on the terrace, in the air-conditioned room or in front of the light, on Saturday and Sunday lunchtime.
Open all year round for lunch and dinner, by reservation for family celebrations, seminars, meetings or other events.
Summer: service on the garden terrace or in the air-conditioned room.

Part of the terrace and garden will not be accessible until the end of July mid-August due to delay due to the delay of the Covid-19 for the work the realization of the pool, the large terrace and garden. We apologise for any inconvenience caused during this period

Our Entries

  • Homemade French duck foie gras, redcurrant chutney, fig and cumin coulis, toast, Mesclun with walnuts 19.50 €
  • Vercors goat tomme plank, walnut oil, red fruit compote, mesclun fresh sage vinaigrette 14.50 €
  • Gravlax homemade salmon trout from the lightly smoked Vercors with rosemary, Scandinavian sauce (old-fashioned mustard cream and dill), toast, salted butter, mesclun 18.50 €
  • Maury mother’s basil ravioli, marinated eggplant candied tomato coulis, crushed black olives and capers, Parmesan shavings 15.50 €
  • Doline XXL salad, Igp walnuts, candied tomatoes, 16-month-old savoy raw ham, homemade garlic croutons, truffle vinaigrette and Nyons Igp oil 16 €

Our meat and fish

  • Caillette Warm House of Vercors with walnuts and genépi, salad mesclun, condiments, homemade herb roasted potatoes 18 €
  • Vercors salmon trout fillet, grilled on skin in a walnut pistachio nut crust, seaweed cream 23.50 €
  • Citrus marinated tuna steak, sweet Creole tomato sauce 23 €
  • Veal Tab Piece, Morels Cream – 24 €
  • Can fillet of Dombes laquered with organic vercors and balsamic mountain honey 22.50 €

Our cheeses and desserts

  • Trio of cheeses Igp of the farmers’ cooperative of Vercors 11 €
  • White cheese in faisselle (150gr) with organic honey produced labeled Vercors walnuts 8.50 €
  • Cep du Vercors, (vanilla ice cream, homemade meringues, hot chocolate) crunchy speculos 12 €
  • Sweet dark chocolate from Tanzania Tonka beans, homemade custard with wedge, pineapple brunoise with honey 12 €
  • Fresh fruit salad with sorbet, whipped cream 9 €
  • Crème brûlée with genépi 9 €
  • Ice Cup 3 balls 8 €
  • Lesdiguières cup: supreme oranges in brown sugar, Chartreuse sorbet, Chartreuse liqueur, whipped cream 12 €
  • Coffee -tea -infusion -genépi -Gourmand 9 €
  • Le Scialet du Vercors Gourmand (Green Lemon Sorbet, Blue Curacao) 9 €

Our homemade burgers
Roasted Potatoes with herbs

  • Angus: Aberdeen angus beef steak from Scotland, candied tomatoes, St Marcelin or raclette, coppa, onion compote, mesclun, homemade burger sauce, 19 €
  • The Sea: Fish and chips-style colin fillet, candied tomatoes, Vercors raclette, coppa, onion compote, mesclun, homemade burger sauce, 18 €
  • Vegetarian: vegetarian steak, candied tomatoes, Vercors raclette, coppa, onion compote, mesclun, homemade burger sauce, 17.50 €

Gratins of Ravioles of Romans tradition of Mother Maury
and Mesclun of salad with walnuts

  • Cream 16 €
  • In the blue of the Vercors 18 €
  • With morels 18.50 €
  • Crayfish saffron cream 18 €
  • Caillette Vercors 17.50 €

The complete boards and their dessert

Single rate 35.90€

The local board
Warm curds of vercors with walnuts and genépi, Alpine charcuterie, homemade herb roast potatoes, Grilled Vercors Raclette, Aop walnut salad Mesclun, Condiments
And a dessert of your choice

The Bourne’s board
Homemade pink gravlax of salmon trout from slightly smoked Vercors, (Product labelled by Parc du Vercors) Scandinavian sauce, toasts and churn butter, Gratin de Ravioles de Romans tradition, Bournette Vercors, Mesclun salad with walnuts Aop, Condiments
And a dessert of your choice

Mountain specialty formula

Single rate 35.90€

The Savoyard Fondue
Served with: Savoyard raw ham 16 months, homemade caillette tradition, Coppa di Parma (I.g.p), Dried deer, artisanal sausage according to arrival, white ham, condiments, salad mesclun with walnuts (I.g.p)
And a dessert of your choice on the menu

The Raclette
Served with: Savoyard raw ham 16 months, homemade quail, Coppa di parma I.g.p, Dried deer meat,
Artisan sausage according to arrival, white ham, condiments,
grenoble walnut salad mesclun (Igp)
And a dessert of your choice on the menu


Menu des Bambins

15€ (up to 10 years old)

  • Beef steack or breaded chicken needle or Hamburger or white ham or fish fillet
  • Ravioles of Romans or Homemade Potatoes or Pan-fried Vegetables
  • The “ice smarties” or the pheasant or caramel cream
  • A syrup of your choice

All our dishes are homemade and made on site from raw products, except Menu Enfant Some dishes can be modified or missing, depending on the arrivals La Doline enjoys the title of Master Restaurateur. Meat Provenance France in accordance with the decree 2002 – 1465 of 17 December 2002. Information on allergens in the dishes is available at the reception. Net Price, Payment by: Cash, CB, Holiday Check, Restaurant no longer accepts cheques. Open every night 7pm to 9pm. For lunch only by reservation according to availability. Tèl.0476951199.