A hotel with swimming pool, balneo and solarium in villard de lans

Project Realization
opening May 1, 2021 (due to Covid-19)

This year the Hotel Joy – Restaurant la Doline enriches its wellness area with a swimming pool and a solarium.
Facing south,on 70 m2, the solarium offers a stunning view of the Great Flycatcher, the cliffs overlooking the valley of the Fauge and the Plateau of Cornafion.
Installed outdoors, on your sunbathing or in your relaxing chair,you can bask in enjoying a cocktail, a glass of champagne… And to refresh yourself, relax, you just need to steps to access the swimming pool and its dedicated space massaging jets.

Part of the terrace and garden will not be accessible until the end of September at the latest due to the delay due to the Covid-19 for the work of the construction of the pool, the large terrace and garden. We apologise for any inconvenience caused during this period. 8am/5pm

Practical information
Opening times: 8am/7pm.
Free access to all hotel guests.
Under conditions for restaurant customers.

The benefits of balneo
in a pool

If balneotherapy is successful, it is because it can cure certain pathologies and relieve a large number of pains. Starting with the blood circulation, since balneotherapy can reactivate circulation and fight for example against heavy legs.
By extension, balneotherapy has positive effects on the cardiovascular system. Balneotherapy also strengthens muscles and improves digestion, but also makes it easier to eliminate toxins.

Note that hot tubs are particularly effective in reducing back, shoulder or neck pain, as well as muscle inflammation and tension, headaches. This also helps to reduce stress and relax for a long time.