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(By government decision the hammam is closed until further notice – Covid 19)

Creating a space

A new space will be created consisting of a steam room, a sauna with a rocking bucket and a relaxation area. The new space will be free of free by reservation for everyone’s enjoyment. Discover our space dedicated to tranquillity and let yourself be carried away by the zen atmosphere of our mind and bodycare center. Your muscle and psychic tension gradually relax and disappear completely at the end of the session, giving way to a new energy.

Hammam and sauna located within the hotel grounds

The Finnish Sauna is above all a moment of relaxation and conviviality while respecting a hygiene guaranteeing the comfort ofeveryone.

The Hammam, (By government decision the hammam is closed until further notice – Covid 19 )this practice related to the eastern tradition allows to eliminate toxins from the body in depth. Discover the benefits and benefits of hammam.

Open: from 4pm to 7.30pm, by reservation at reception, a minimum of one hour before the session and according to availability. (from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. excluding school holidays and off-season)

Access to the spa – From the age of 14, under 18 with an adult. Please plan your swimsuits, to maximize the benefits of your session, the use of the steam room and sauna should be limited in time.

Customer rate outside the hotel:
€19 per adult person

Modeling and reflexology, serenity and tone

For your comfort and to recover after a sports day, the Hotel Joy and Camille team up to make you discover the wellness space.

Soft and complete, Camille’s modeling frees the mind, soothes and provides general well-being. In a Zen atmosphere, it is adapted to your needs and desires of comfort: alternating stretches and pressures to tone you, or tonic massages then more flexible to relax and soothe you.
Everything is designed to bring you to a total relaxation and to provide you with optimal well-being and relaxation.

This feeling of well-being is developed through reflexology, the art of massage your feet. Reflexology is one of the most effective techniques for erasing tension. Indeed, this gentle medicine consists of massaging specific points of the soles of the feet. In China and ancient Egypt already, the benefits of precisely exerted pressure proved their worth.

The modelling provided is a non-therapeutic and non-medicalized wellness and relaxation care. The steam room and sauna are not recommended for pregnant women and people with cardiovascular diseases. The Directorate disclaims any responsibility for non-compliance with these guidelines. The rates in effect as of October 1, 2019 and benefits may be changed without notice. We invite you to show up 10 minutes before your appointment. In case of delay, your care will be shorter in order to guarantee the full satisfaction of the following customers.

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