Our Midi menu

(Friday to Sunday noon. Other day on reservation)

Awarded for quality with a Michelin fork since 2012, in the Gault and Millaud guide since 2017, by 3 Logis de France casseroles since 2011 and the title of Master Restaurateur in 2013.

Our Giant Salads

  • Doline salad : mesclun, raw ham from Savoie 16 Mois, candied cherry tomatoes and Walnuts Aop, homemade croutons, truffle vinaigrette and olive oil from Nyons. 16€

  • Vercors salad : Caillette, Pan-fried ravioli, dice of Bleu du Vercors, Grenoble walnuts Aop, truffle vinaigrette and olive oil from Nyons 16€

  • Bourne salad : Gravlax Maison de truite du Vercors, trout eggs, marinated shrimp, candied cherry tomatoes and citrus sauce. 17€

Our grills and fish

  • Beef skewer, haloumi, red onion pepper, oriental sauce 23€

  • Marinated pork filet mignon medallions and Bengali curry sauce 23€

  • Grilled Lamb Ribs flambéed with Gin, Beet Coulis and Violet Mustard 24€

  • Complete plates : A beef skewer, a Lamb Ribs and two pork medallions 25€

  • Pavé of roasted pike perch lacquered with teriyaki, served with vegetable of the moment and homemade Potatoes 23€

  • Trout fillet from vercors to Grenoble revisited : roasted trout fillet gel lemon tarragon fried capres and broken homemade crouton served with Ravioles Basilique 24€

All our meats and fish are served to choose from: Ravioles de Romans à la crème, Gratin Dauphinois, Vegetables of the moment, or Homemade Potatoes.

The gratins of Ravioles de Romans 22€

  • Cream
  • or Au Bleu du Vercors
  • or To the porcini mushrooms

Served with salad and assortment of cold cuts

Our Complete Boards

  • Terroir : Terrine Maison or warm caillette, assortment of cold cuts (depending on arrival), Mixed salad, Homemade potatoes, Dry cheese from Vercors 29€

  • Bourne : Gravlax Maison de truite du Vercors, Scandinavian sauce, Blinis and butter, Gratin de Ravioles de Romans with cream, Bournette, salad composed with Walnuts from Grenoble Aop. 30€

Our Burgers

  • Angus : Aberdeen Angus beef steak from Scotland, candied tomatoes, Saint Marcelin or Raclette, coppa, stewed with onions, mesclun and homemade burger sauce. 23€

  • The Sea : Fish & Chips colin fillet, candied tomatoes, Vercors raclette, Trout Gravlax Maison Scandinavian sauce stewed with onion and Mesclun. 23€

All our Burgers are served with, Salad and Homemade Potatoes.

Our cheeses and desserts

  • Trio of PDO of dry cheeses according to arrival 6€

  • Cottage cheese in faisselle (150gr) with honey, cream or homemade coulis 6€

  • Tanzania dark chocolate fondant, homemade custard with cointreau and fruit coulis 8€

  • Roasted peach with Vercors honey and Fresh Basil served with raspberry coulis and broken gavotte 6€

  • Fresh fruit salad with sorbet 6€

  • Tartare of exotic fresh fruits coulis and sorbet House 8€

  • Ice cream cup 3 balls to choose from, Chantilly 6€

  • Coupe Lesdiguières : Chartreuse sorbet, Chartreuse liqueur, orange dice with brown sugar 8€

Toddler Menu 15€ (Up to 10 years)

  • Beef Steak or Chicken Fins or White Ham or Hamburger
  • Ravioli or Potatoes or Vegetables
  • The ” smarties ice cream” or the faisselle

Orange or apple fruit juice or syrup of your choice