Sauna and Hammam, wellness
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Creating a space

A new space has been created, opened in 2021, consisting of a hammam, a sauna, a rocking bucket, a relaxation area.

A relaxing space within the hotel itself.
Comfort, well-being and relaxation of all tensions… You come out of the sauna with a feeling of lightness and serenity.

The Sauna

Relaxed by the heat of a room at more than 80oC, then toned by immersion in water close to 0oC, you take full advantage of the benefits of the Finnish sauna. Thanks to essential oils, your airways are cleared and your immune system is strengthened.
The heat of the sauna helps to cleanse your skin, and to relax muscle tension. Comfort, friendliness, respect, relaxation… You come out with a feeling of lightness and serenity that accompanies you throughout your stay.

A Finnish custom for more than 2000 years, the sauna is a social and family tradition in the land of icy lakes and blue forests. The sauna is practiced regularly and provides its users with many benefits: it calms the nerves, helps to ward off stress and eliminates muscle tension. A relaxation factor, it relieves fatigue and restores joie de vivre and tone thanks to its sedative action. The virtues of the sauna on the heart have been the subject of numerous studies demonstrating the beneficial effect of this treatment on the blood circulation and skin. However, it is important to check your ability to withstand the heat in a sauna.

Source: health website

The Hammam

The hammam, symbol of beauty in the Oriental,has conquered all those who have tried the experience. Oriental rituals, ancestral treatments and traditional massages will not leave you insensitive given the benefits brought by these beauty gestures. Hammam, this practice related to the eastern tradition, Hot steam has a beneficial effect on the skin: it opens pores, eliminates toxins, dirt and bacteria, soothes muscle pain, opens the sinuses and facilitates breathing

The hammam is not only a place where you take steam baths, it is also a ritual that allows access to well-being.
Generally, the hammam ritual begins with a small shower before moving into a first steam-heated room that allows you to relax before the treatment is done. Steam, combined with eucalyptus essences whose properties are known to be soothing and decongestant, help to free the mind and let go. Muscles relax and the pores of the skin open to better receive the following treatments.
After this first room, it is possible to take a shower and pass in an even warmer second room to relax.

Practical information

Hammam and Sauna located within the hotel grounds

Open: from 4pm to 7.30pm, by reservation at reception, a minimum of one hour before the session and according to availability. (*from 5pm to 7pm outside school holidays and out of season)

• Access to the spa • From 15 years old, under 18 years old accompanied by an adult. Please plan your swimsuits, to maximize the benefits of your session, the use of the steam room and sauna should be limited in time.

The wellness area is reserved for hotel guests.