Rally of the 45th parallel

Fans of vintage cars can now note on their calendars the birth of a new annual rally: that of the 45th parallel linking Villard de Lans to Lacanau Ocean.

The 987 km route, between mountain and ocean, punctuated by sport, tourism, regularity and discovery, all divided into 24 events, will demonstrate the talents of the drivers and their assistance, around the old cars and motorcycles of the 30s and 80s.

Thus, Jaguar, Two Horses, 4 Autobleu Horses, Porsche 911 , Triumph Bonneville, Honda CB400 Four, Harley Davidson XLM883… rub shoulders in a friendly atmosphere for the common love of motorsport and the collection.

These 3 days of rallying, under the aegis of the French Federation of Vintage Vehicles and organized by the Ste Sables Chauds allow you to travel through various landscapes, on sumptuous picturesque roads, for the pleasure of driving “old-fashioned”.