The cellar of the restaurant

On December 1, 2019, with the launch of the season in Villard de Lans, the restaurant “La Doline” will have the pleasure of presenting its new wine list.

Download the 2019 wine list (pdf)

The selection of La Doline

Through the richness of its cellar, the Hotel Joy and its Restaurant la Doline have the privilege of introducing you to a new approach to its cultural and gastronomic heritage.

With the invaluable help of Annie Crouzet, Master Sommelier and 4th World Nose, we have taken care to choose for you a selection of wines located in a price range ranging from 18 to 55 euros per 75 cl bottle. Thus, the French vineyards, but also beyond our borders, accompany the delicate flavours of the chef’s cuisine, Sylvain Desaules.

Discover our selections of Vigneronne wines, organic wines and our new 50cl bottled range.

Aromas of white or red grape varieties… We take a real pleasure in opening our cellar and making you perceive the fruity or floral bouquets, balsamic, spicy or woody of our wines.

The word of Annie Crouzet, master sommelier, Ardèche at heart :

I divide myself between Ardèche and Vercors where I like to recharge regularly.
Knowing the Hotel Joy and its restaurant La Doline for having frequented them with my family, I was delighted to intervene as a consultant at the request of Michel Bouvier.

I accompanied him in the development of his new wine list, helped to search for original themes in order to magnify the creativity of the dishes proposed by Sylvain.
I would like to host tastings and Mets and Wine Accords over the seasons, the first being set next September.

contact: www.annie-franç