Origin of our

The egg of the Vercors

Ferme Ruel “L’Oeuf Bio du Vercors”. Organic chicken farming and sale of organic eggs. Served every morning at breakfast, the fresh organic boiled egg from the Vercors.

The raviole of the “maury mother”

This gastronomic specialty of Romans is defined as “a small square of soft wheat flour paste, topped with a stuffing consisting of fresh cow cheese, emmental or county cheese, fresh eggs and parsley returned in butter”. This culinary preparation has been protected since September 1998 by a “Red Label”under the name “Dauphiné raviole”.

Vercors trout fillet

After taking its source at the Col du Rousset, the Vernaison descends the Vercors to reach the Bourne, via Echevis. This is where Jean-François Murgat settled. In his ten fishponds fed by the water of the river, he raises his trout with patience and passion – the famous rainbows acclaimed by the restaurateurs and fishmongers of the Plateau. Produced by the Vercors Regional Natural Park.

Brasserie du Slalom

In St Matin en Vercors, Martin and Valentin create the Brasserie du Slalom. At the foot of the Vercors Highlands, at an altitude of 900m. All our beers are certified organic by Alpes Contrôles. They are made with Vercors water, organic barley and wheat malts, organic hops and yeast. They are unfiltered and do not contain any additives. Beers, blonde, amber, white, double, Ipa, light and dry whose delicate bitterness reveals resinous and orange notes. Its yeast and fermentation profile give it all its character and highlight cereals. It is drunk very fresh under the sun of the Vercors or elsewhere…

Franck Repellin’s organic honey

Franck Repellin: beekeeper based in Villard de Lans,offers us a wide variety of organic honeys from the roaming of his hives.
The Hotel Joy will introduce you to the full range of its organic honeys.
Labélié produces the Vercors Natural Park,you can taste honeys: dandelion, mountains, lavender, acacias and chestnuts… Products used by the Rose Garden Gourmet Restaurant.

Vercors Milk Cooperative

This milk comes from herds of selected breed (Montbéliarde, Abondance and Villarde) and from an exceptional mountain territory: the Vercors. The pastures are preserved, green, rich and conducive to the production of healthy and quality milk. For centuries the Vercors has seen the birth of many exceptional cheeses.

The Blue of vercors Aop : In the Middle Ages, the farmers of the Vercors plateau paid their taxes to the Lord of Sassenage with cheese and this cheese became over time, the Blue of Vercors-Sassenage.Au the beginning of the century, cheese farmers decided to relaunch the manufactures and over the years, by dint of passion and conviction, the Blue of vercors-Sassenage becomes the 35th French cheese AOC in 1999

The cheeses of the Vercors plateau: La Bournette, La brique du Vercors, Le petit Vercorain, St Marcellin IGP, Le St Félicien bio, La Vercorette, La faisselle.

The Vercors Walnut

Vercornoix was created in 1902 in St Jean en Royans, It brings together a hundred producers who are part of the Noix de Grenoble appellation.

Vercornoix holds the PDO label.

The wines of Diois Vercors Bio

The Maupas vineyard of the commune of Châtillon en Diois is located on the slopes of the Vercors Regional Natural Park, between the Drôme Pre-Alps and Provence, backed by the Glandasse mountain.

White wines, dry, fresh, usually with aromas of white flower and / or citrus.

The red wines, mainly made from the Gamay grape variety, offer a special expression here. If they remain very fruity, other more mineral notes can be expressed. In addition, the usual roundness of these wines is complemented here by a more balanced structure on the palate brought by the blend of gamay to other grape varieties (Pinot Noir and possibly Syrah).

The rosé wines are generous. They have a generally salmon color, aromas of red fruits and a very characteristic freshness on the palate. The harvest, at home, is still done by hand, despite the recent change (2011) of the specifications of the AOC Châtillon en Diois!

Farm of the goat farm Les Cabrioles

On the heights of Corrençon-en Vercors, a couple of farmers raise about forty goats and make mountain farm cheeses with raw goat milk : P’tits Puys fresh, ripened, ashy or dry, pure goat tommes, cottage cheeses and Cabochon.