at Joy

To feel at your best and forget any form of stress, reflexology massage is a Zen solution to choose from. This sensation is developed through reflexology, the art of massage your feet.


Reflexology is one of the most effective techniques for erasing tension. Indeed, this gentle medicine consists of massaging specific points of the soles of the feet. In China and ancient Egypt already, the benefits of precisely exerted pressure proved their worth.

The techniques, now refined,allow to gently revitalize the whole body from specific pressure points located under the arch. Reflexology thus represents a real source of well-being: it eliminates stress, tension, toxins, ensures muscle and mental relaxation, awakens the body and thus strengthens the immune system. Beware, however, reflexology is a complementary treatment and cannot in any way replace medical treatment. It is not recommended in cases of inflammation of the feet, recent heart disease or early pregnancy.

Practical information:

  • 1 hour session 79€
  • Special 2 people 79€

    2 sessions of 30 minutes each

  • Package 3 sessions 1 hour 219€

    By reservation